"At first I smirked at the thought of a homebirth. I chose to go the conventional ob/gyn route. I really
 didn't know much about how a midwife could give me and the baby care. Later on in my pregnancy, my eyes opened, thanks to my Bradly childbirth classes. I began to realize that if I wanted certain things, like to walk, eat, keep my own clothes on, labor in water, etc.... I was going to be denied these things at the hospital.

"Sue was a great support throughout the pregnancy.  During her visits, on the phone or via e-mail, she listened and responded to all my concerns, from a worrisome ultrasound to handling the "PR" of a home birth. 

On the day of, her presence was invaluable; she was calm, quiet, light-hearted and followed all my cues, coaching me while also giving me lots of space.  It was quite a balancing act.

non-judgmental and knowledgeable manner --she's also extremely funny which made all of our visits a delight. 
     Such a profound honor it is to be stepping from maiden into the birthright that is Mother and it's a real privilege to be cared for by a strong, kind, and powerful women. I am deeply grateful to Sue Wolcott and her assistants for holding patience and positivity during my long labor. They drove during a blizzard, had little sleep and despite it all showed love and compassion all the way through. From a deep place in my heart words cannot explain the gratitude that I have even more than these words can express for these  women.  
      Sue and her team provided excellent, personalized care that every wombyn needs during such a delicate time. She trusts your body to do what it was meant to do and works as your advocate throughout the whole process - including the post-partum period. As I said earlier on, I couldn't be more grateful and happy with my experience and strongly recommend Sue's services to everyone. I do intend to return to this center for my second birth." 

During that first pregnancy I was extremely nervous and called or sent her text messages many times about every little thing that frightened me. Sue always responded kindly and managed to calm me down every time. When I was still concerned, she'd come check on me just to be sure the baby and I were alright.

During my labor, she encouraged me and helped my husband find ways to comfort me. When our baby girl finally arrived, she shared our special moment and even took pictures for us. Sue stayed with us into the night (even though it was Christmas!), and even explained to my family that I needed rest when I was too chicken to ask them to leave.

Months after our little one was born, Sue still responded to our concerns and we still keep in contact with her today. We loved her so much we asked her to be our midwife again when had our baby boy last summer."
--Aubrey and Joel Monarrez

"I was so fortunate to meet Sue and her team and to have my baby at home in their care.  My husband and I interviewed many midwives and we are so happy we chose Sue. Home is so much more comfortable for mother and baby.  She came the day after the baby was born and was availble 24/7 to answer all our questions."
--Claudia Kloss

"My homebirth experience could not have been better (except if it was labor-free). I appreciated all the home visits. I felt very cared-for and can't imagine how a hospital experience could have compared. My daughter is a happy little home-birthed baby and my husband is a convert. You won me over on day #1. Los Angeles is lucky to have you! Please stay here and don't go back to Mt Shasta!"
--Lori and Francesca

Perhaps the hardest part of all is having to say goodbye to your midwives at the end of the day.  Even now, four months later, I'm glad they're just a phone call away."
--Barbara Thomas

So I began to interview midwives. We examined our options of birth center verse homebirth. When my husband and I met Sue, we knew we had found the right midwife for us. We are so grateful for everything Sue did for us before, during and after my pregnancy. How blessed we are with a healthy beautiful baby!!"
--Marianne and Christos


"Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for Sue Wolcott and Andrea (assistant) who assisted me dar a luz, "bring light/birth" into this world in December 2016 to a healthy boy.
     I was so lucky to find Sue after my family and I relocated to Shasta when I was 37 weeks pregnant. From the very beginning my interactions with Sue and her team were always positive and full of learning. Sue has such a kind way of explaining everything there is to know about birthing and answering all questions in a 

"We were very lucky to have found Sue when we decided to have our first baby at home. She has been wonderful! Sue is extremely caring, attentive and patient. She came to our home for every visit, which made me feel comfortable and at ease. She answered all of our questions and even came back to speak with my mother who was very concerned about the idea of having a home birth!